orchids - Waterlogue - Grungetastic - FX Photo Studio - Color Sun spotsForty-eight hours out from the first treatment and this is what I’m learning about my particular experience thus far. I say particular, because, as I keep being told, everyone responds differently to the chemical cocktail.

List keeping helps.  A few months ago, I started a bullet journal to keep tabs of tasks, ideas and diary dates. It’s suiting the purpose very well for monitoring tasks required with the treatment – temperature taking, oral hygiene, times to take medicines, number of glasses of water etc. Feeling in some level of control of what’s going on is helpful.

Be aware of potential side effects, be ready for them, but don’t go looking because some may not come visiting. Yesterday, Himself (aka Hero) administered an injection to boost my white blood cells in preparation for the low immunity period that’s approaching.  As it goes straight to the bone marrow, we were told to prepare for potential back, jaw or sternum pain. So far so good. The worst that’s come so far is a dull headache that’s being managed well with paracetamol.

Eat what you feel like (at least at this stage of the cycle).  Up until now, things are pretty much normal, although I am enjoying the capacity to feel like, make and consume a berry, banana and yoghurt smoothie at any time of the day.

Drink lots of water.  It’s making a difference.  Can’t say how, but it is.

Be curious about any changes that are taking place. That toasted cheese sandwich I felt like at lunch time? That was no cheese taste between that bread. 🙂  Sweet foods like the rhubarb yoghurt as an after-lunch treat are going down a little better.

Be grateful for the person who’s keeping on top of household chores, including sending out the ironing and shopping for specific requests.

Sleep when you feel like it.  If you’re woken up by the whistling tunes of your 80 year old neighbour next door, all the better.

Move about when you can. I’m about to take my own advice and gear up for a short walk in the afternoon breeze while the sun is out.


2 thoughts on “sunshine”

  1. You are wading in with confidence and grace because you have a plan. No victims here. You lift me up! Let us embrace this day, and please give my regards to Himself.

    1. Lynn, you seem to be taking everything in your stride and shining! Glad to hear its going okay; I think your attitude is remarkable and I love the idea of deliberate resilience!
      Thinking of you constantly, and Rob too!
      Love and lots of it xo

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