on the menu – week 1

It was up early with the crowd at the pathologist’s office this morning.  A blood test a week out from the first chemo dose was called for to check that everything’s holding together as it should.

A few foods have eliminated themselves from the menu this week given they’ve decided to taste like nothing at all. Goodbye coffee. I’ll be back.

At the moment, some foods are downright dangerous to consider putting into the system.  Soft cheeses (sob), rare meat, soft boiled eggs, raw fish, raw vegetables and salad threaten a low immune system.

As the meals become smaller, get eaten more slowly and more frequently, I’ve developed some favourites which may or may not shift from the list as the weeks go by.  Others, such as a chia, coconut milk and blueberry dessert gave me heartburn with just a spoonful or two. Just as well because it tasted nothing like it has in the past! I’m also looking forward to reacquainting myself with the taste of mandarins and grilled fish.

Here’s to (in quantities small enough not to scare one off):

salted crackers with vintage cheddar cheese,

cereal and yoghurt,

lady finger bananas,

toasted crumpets with vegemite,

scrambled eggs and toast,

blended fruit juices,

camomile and spearmint tea,

chocolate (thanks to a gift bag from our neighbours),


and the people who decided that maple syrup would be a ‘blessed and lucky’ additive to peanut butter.nut spread





3 thoughts on “on the menu – week 1”

  1. Mmmmm, with all of the exclusions, you’ve got some good keepers there. Add the chocolate to the peanut butter/maple and bam! ❤

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