family, friends, food and films

After receiving yesterday’s blood count results, I apparently need a cheer squad to coax some of my white blood cells to get active.

It’s not really that big a deal in the scheme of things. I just need to keep laying low for a bit longer than hoped. By Saturday I hope to be on the climb back up towards the next chemo date. That’s about half-way through the first cycle and only three days away.

I’m now armed with a super-duper mouth wash to ward away/manage potential ulcers.  Yay!

This week, I’m grateful for:

cooler temperatures for sleeping and dozing;

the ability to record movies I haven’t seen and watch them at any time (Hitchcock and Haute Cuisine have featured thus far);

a live-in chef who concocted a delicious mashed potato and garlic on request last night;

calls and cards from friends and family;

stop/start medicines 😉 ;

chocolate; and most of all,

my wonderfully wacky big-hearted cousin who, yesterday, took to the clippers for me and others, and in memory of her dear Mum.  Looking good Marg! ❤

Marg Mac



One thought on “family, friends, food and films”

  1. so many great things to be thankful for. Of course if I had an address or phone number I would like to add to those wishes!!

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