This morning, I woke up feeling …… hungry.  Dare I say, normal. Disregard the fact that it was just after five and still dark.  I was on the hunt for some food. Something specific.


My rising coincided with the return of the night herons from their nocturnal feeding grounds. Quiet and purposeful in their arrival, three of them moved from branch to branch until they found a roosting spot that was just right. They are stoic birds, used to ignoring the chirpers, mynah birds and lorikeets and other honey eaters who would have them move on and out of their neighbourhood.

As the sun rose, I photographed some of the lorikeets feeding in the grevilleas.

sunrise lorikeet - Gritty 13

Then off to the stove, where oats and bananas with yoghurt topping became my morning feast.

Nearly four hours on and the burst of energy is over. The fact that it was there, even temporarily, lets me know that my body is starting to rally during this first cycle. Go you good thing!

I’m off for a nap.


2 thoughts on “rally”

  1. I was hoping the birds would cheer you on. What a beautiful photo. I plan to meet a lorikeet one of these days, and when I do, I’ll ask if she knows Lynn. Down for the count, and back up you came. Rest now, dear heart.

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