on the up

I’m happy to report that the past few days have been pretty good all things considered.

On Thursday afternoon, our 80 year old neighbour dropped by with this warm dinner bundle courtesy of his wife. “I’ve been told to drop this off to you and ask no questions,” he chortled. Ray loves a chat.


It was a tasty beef and vegetable casserole. Himself was very appreciative as it meant he was relieved of serious meal duties that evening.  Happily, I was able to enjoy some of it too.

Breakfast seems to be the best meal of the day and the joy of oats and banana is holding.

Some of the more obvious chemo symptoms are diminishing including the neck rash and the mouth ulcers which put in a brief appearance. The ulcers seem to be being managed by frequent bicarb soda and Biotene mouthwashes. (I love my soft baby toothbrush).

The need for daytime naps has also lessened and this morning I woke up and actually felt like a cup of coffee. Not that it was the best coffee sensation ever, but it was recognisable and indicative of the fact that the impact of the chemicals is lessening.

Onwards and upwards for this first cycle!


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