autumn fashion parade

Here’s what’s rocking for women without eyebrows this Easter. As it’s autumn, I commissioned the services of a butternut pumpkin to model this headgear for me*.

I’m thinking the dragon may be the cover of choice this season what with it being fierce and fire-breathing and all.

* not to scale

Easter parade - grunge


3 thoughts on “autumn fashion parade”

  1. yep – that dragon is pretty special. Quite like the middle top one too. Are you going to draw on eyebrows? if you do experiment tell how you get them to curve – I don’t have a steady hand – i think mine would have parkinsons!! Have a roaring Easter!

  2. Definitely the dragon!! Although I agree with Illana about the middle top one and that goes with a lot of the colours you wear.
    We are having fun this morning trying to raise any bureaucrats at all in the UK or Australia over Easter as my mother has forgotten to get a visa and flies tomorrow. Looks like we will have to change her flight.
    Onyx has had his second bout of chemo and won’t loose his hair although they have shaved his tummy and side. Bit cold here for that!! His glands have gone down so looks good. Have a lovely Easter.

  3. What was the color name of the green BIC pen they advertised years ago? Chartreuse! That’s the color you need! (No eyebrows? Your beautiful bones are appearing all on their own. A rare sighting!)

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