chemo session #2

The blood courier for my designated local pathology centre routinely does the first daily pick up at 8.30 am. This morning, he was called specifically to collect my blood to ensure that, after yesterday’s mission failure, it would be tested in time for the green light to be given for a 10.00 am start to the second infusion. Good results delivered in plenty of time. Success!

Here’s me enjoying my last cup of coffee for a little while as the second cycle begins. Note that I’m rocking my red dragon cap fashioned from the aforesaid travel buff mentioned in a previous post.

Chemo session #2 - 22 April 2014

For this and future cycles, the oncologist reckons I’m up for more of the same this time around. When he says more of the same, he means MORE of the same.

Today’s educational inclusion (for your edification) relates to nasal hair and one of its functions – the collection of moisture. Tissues at the ready for the next couple of months with the hope that the flu shot a few weeks ago wards off any head colds!

For those of you still reading, here’s a bonus picture from the Easter weekend. Three generations enjoying pancakes for breakfast. Sunday 20 April 2014


3 thoughts on “chemo session #2”

  1. what a great shaped head you have! That is a really good scalp hiding all those precious brains of yours. I presume you are on the Olive Leaf extract since we talked about it years ago. Oliviral! the immunologists recommended it. hugs … and nose wipes. 🙂

  2. Hi Lynn. It is great to read all your updates. Bon courage, ma chere. Love to you and all my dear family up north. Loved the 3 gen pic. Helen

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