the stare factor

Main Beach
Main Beach on the Gold Coast looking north

The extended weekend getaway to the coast included lots of walking and catch ups. While the wedding guests enjoyed themselves at the reception, I was happy to stay in on a cold evening with one of my sisters accompanied by takeaway Chinese food, a glass or two of Reisling and Saturday night television.

Apart from the usual fatigue, the only casualty of the increased social activity was my throat which got lots of exercise of the chatting kind.

This weekend was also first time I’ve been out and about publicly for sustained periods of time. I’m still amazed at the amount of looks one gets when you’re sporting a head scarf or the like, although not nearly as many as you do if you accidentally step outside without the aforesaid headwear. 🙂



One thought on “the stare factor”

  1. I hope it was the dragon scarf!! that would tell them. Saw Doug Oliver on Sunday night – he sends his love

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