something to look forward to

As I approach the end of the second chemo cycle, there’s an emerging pattern which includes one quite good week, one okay week and a week of blah. Right now, I’m in the quite good category and soaking that up before next week’s third incursion and a week of blah.

The schedule of chemotherapy and forthcoming radiation has meant some activity restrictions.

We cancelled a short break in late March. This fell into the inconvenient basket and is something that can be rescheduled as and when time and energy allows.

We missed our daughter’s graduation ceremony in Sydney a couple of weeks ago as I wasn’t able to travel.  I was unable to attend a recent family wedding and other social events with friends.

Given all of the above, once my treatment plan was starting to take shape, I was extremely hopeful that another planned trip later this year would align with the stars. And it did.

All things being equal, we’ll head to the US and Canada for a few weeks in September and I’ll end the trip here, occasionally rocking by this lake with friends, new and old. The place will buzz with the energy of writers and artists and musicians and creativity of all kinds.

North Carolina - camp venue

Right now, the thought of this is medicine for me in the looking forward. It will be medicine in the moment. It will be medicine in the memories it creates and the inspiration it feeds.

There is much value in having something to look forward to.  (Repeat).



5 thoughts on “something to look forward to”

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. So sorry you could not attend your daughter’s graduation, or the wedding you wanted to be at. I think of you every day and pull for you. Look forward to the next feeling good. This too shall pass? I will take it.

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