some kinds of normal

Even at the almost half-way point in the chemo treatment, it’s too easy to get caught up with how far there is to go, what with radiation and other meds ahead.

Better yet to make the most of the good days when it feels almost normal; when you can complete a knitting project that’s been sitting around for too long; when you can spend the night out at the theatre to see a play that gets you laughing.

Today I recovered some level of normal and drove myself to the day-before-chemo blood extraction. It felt like Mr Toad on the open road in the early hours of the morning even though the round trip was all of six minutes. Unlike Mr Toad, the vehicle arrived home in one piece. But I felt the freedom, albeit momentary.

Come along! Hop up here! We’ll go for a jolly ride! The open road! The dusty highway! Come! I’ll show you the world! Travel! Scene! Excitement! Ha ha ha!

Cardigan 2

Tribute of Sorts 1

Program photograph

A Tribute of Sorts by Benjamin Schostakowski.  

Cast: Dash Kruck and Emily Burton



2 thoughts on “some kinds of normal”

  1. you of course have disappeared down the rabbit hole and have yet to work your way back out to us! enjoy the journey.

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