tattoo me

Pop Grunge - marks - Invert - SolarizeToday I threw modesty and self-consciousness to the wind and, for half an hour or so, assumed a supine position with elbows above head.  All in the name of measurements, coloured mark-ups and some scans before four blue tattoo jabs at the end. The scan team were wonderful and included a young trainee. I might also add that it was very cold in there. Just saying.

My body shape measurements are now in the system so that on each of the 20 days of treatment, I’ll be moulded into the aforesaid position to line up with the tattoo lines.

Just to let you know that the universe works in interesting ways, my first radiation session is on 25 June at 3.15 pm.

It’s a Wednesday. It’s my birthday. Yes it is.








3 thoughts on “tattoo me”

  1. We shall celebrate any way we can. And may I recommend pasties for your next tattoo session? Also ask for music with a beat…

    Hmmmm. Pasties. I must say that this thought didn’t occur to me Pam! LOL

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