last chemo session



Chemo isn’t just about the chemicals. It’s the last taste of coffee for a couple of weeks and starting a new library book.  And on this last round, it’s anticipating the next dodgy fortnight of fatigue and other side effects. More importantly, it’s about the people who look after you.

This is Sue.  I came into the last session today with this hat, lovingly brought back from India by our daughter to add to my ‘being bald’ collection. Silliness is contagious.

Sue has been my oncology nurse over the past two months. She brings compassion,  competence, a no-nonsense approach, and a wonderful sense of humour to her work and her patients. There’s not much I’ll miss about this business of chemo. I will, however, remember Sue and her team with great affection and admiration.

A hand drawn heart - Clipart



One thought on “last chemo session”

  1. You are such a brave wise woman and I hope I do not have to follow your particular path; but if I do I will have a wonderful guide.hope this week is a decent one for you.

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