fourth and last

flowers - 6 June 2014I’ve not reported any highlights of this past week. It’s too easy in the low periods to let the days blur into one another.

For the record, here’s a summary.

On the day after the delayed chemo infusion, old friends from Canberra came to visit bearing flowers and wine, upon which I looked longingly as the glasses of others were charged and subsequently emptied.

It was such a warm afternoon, I stepped up and out for a slow walk to the point where we were rewarded with the presence of pelicans on the shoreline.

Painted in Waterlogue

On Day 3 of this cycle, unexpected visitors from the north arrived to find that my social skills were somewhat reduced. In the days that followed, human connection was limited to occasional moves in Words with Friends and mostly short responses in telephone conversations.

This cycle has confirmed for me that, not only is everyone’s experience of chemotherapy in its many forms different, but the effects of each individual cycle are different too.  This time around, I’ve spent less time sleeping away the worst days and more time taking advantage of medications to manage what one might call one’s gut response.

I’ve managed to tackle most daily newspaper crosswords albeit slowly and feel generally as if my brain function has held on a bit better this time.  Improvement is just days away and of one thing I am certain. It will arrive in the form of a cup of coffee.


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