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unmet DEXpectations

Dexmethasone9.00 pm – Chemo Eve  What happened today?  Where’s that burst of energy that was promised me?  I’m struggling to stay awake at 9.00 pm, having been heavily tired all day, notwithstanding the doses of DEX.  I have a dull headache and slight tingles in my hands and feet, but otherwise so far so good.

DEX did his job well as far as the appetite stimulant was concerned. Let’s just say I had a hearty serving of dinner tonight. (Note to self – don’t do that again!)

I’m off to bed. The book I’m reading is going to be disappointed in me. Why do I have the feeling that there’s a rude awakening sometime in my near future?

Tuesday  3.00 am

Awake.  Retreat to the couch for some online time and then dozing under a throw rug.  Nocturnal birds are in good voice until, in the dawn light, the Night Herons, our seasonal residents, return after grazing on the shoreline in the dark.  The mynahs are early with their taunts to move the herons on. They hold their ground and settle in to sleep.



’twas the day before chemo

DexmethasoneToday is Chemo Eve. How else would I have been fortunate enough to see the sun rise as I got ready for an early morning blood test.  As I write, those blood cells are being interrogated in a big hospital in the city. I hope they don’t give away too many secrets.

This is Dexamethasone. It was my breakfast supplement this morning and will also accompany today’s lunch. It’s a synthetic adrenalin and/or corticosteroid that will be my friend for a few days before and after each chemotherapy treatment. I say friend, because its purpose is to suppress nausea and stimulate appetite. I may have to have a serious talk with it about holding off weight gain.

Himself is excited about the energy spurts that are likely and has lined up a number of chores for me to do before the chemo gets serious. An oversupply of energy means that insomnia may turn up as a strange bedfellow or more likely a strange bookfellow or late-night televisionfellow. (Your own interesting nocturnal activities are welcome in the comments).

Resilience today means being curious about what’s ahead, appreciating my capacity to write (which may speed up abnormally as the day progresses), and being grateful for affordable access to my new friend DEX.