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when days merge

BOREDIt’s 3 pm on Sunday afternoon and dark clouds are filling in the blue sky gaps. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful after days and days of gloriously consistent autumn weather, but I am so hanging out for a decent storm. If not a storm, then a decent rush of wind. If not wind, then heavy rain. Even gentle rain. You get the picture.

On Day 6 of the second cycle, I’m looking for  anything to break the monotony of this week, like yesterday’s brief and delightful visit when friends dropped off a delicious butter chicken and pistachio rice for our dinner.

From the day after the last ‘infusion’, it’s been a story of fatigue and chemo brain and incapacity to get excited about anything much except food.

Let me say I’m very grateful for that appetite as it’s been responsible for the high points in each day.

I’m into the infection risk part of the cycle again and hopeful that energy levels will hold and/or rise as we move slowly towards next Saturday when new white cells begin to put in an appearance.

Incoming text and phone messages have been very much appreciated punctuations to these days, despite the fact that I may not be immediately able to respond them immediately. I reckon they rate as highly as these mood lifters.

Weis Mango Macadamia