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an ordinary day

In those times when the ordinary is not ordinary, it becomes extraordinary.

Tomorrow includes a blood test and a second planning appointment for radiation. Then there’s Tuesday and even though it’s the last chemo session, I can’t help but face this one with some trepidation. The accumulated effects of the chemicals means that the post-chemo days are more dysfunctional, and there are more of them.

spinachToday, I got to harvest some spinach from the garden and spend time in the kitchen making Spanakopita for lunch. Who knew wrestling with filo pastry could be so therapeutic?

Later, over a cup of coffee and the chess board, my opponent decided we should call our latest game a draw which in my book is a win.


Before the sun set on this first day of Winter, we took a walk down to the point. The tide was out in a glass half-empty kind of way.

Not for long, not for very much longer.

Oyster Point Sunday

Because I can’t help myself, this final image has been given the Waterlogue treatment. One day, I’ll learn to paint like this instead of relying on the wonders of digital technology.   🙂

Painted in Waterlogue


an outing and a game of chess

Wednesday night brought a late fly-in visitor to stay, and Thursday saw my first outing of this third chemo cycle. We went to the real Funky Mexican Cantina for a chimichanga and some people watching by the bay. Except for the odd day, nothing has impacted my appetite for food! In the afternoon we played chess. I was always going to lose this game, with or without a befuddled brain. The pleasure for me was that it was a defeat that took some time for my opponent to secure. chess linocut