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blood tests and public holidays don’t mix

So today was the day before the second cycle begins, requiring the resurrection of Dex on the menu, and an early morning blood test to check whether my white cells are up for tomorrow’s infusions. I know, but infusions sounds much nicer than intravenous drip.

Having realised three weeks ago, that the date fell on Easter Monday, I made inquiries and was informed that a pathology centre a few suburbs away from my now “regular” place, would be open from 6.30 am on that day.

It wasn’t. Telephone enquiries made by Himself revealed a place over an hour’s drive away or a collection centre in the city our local hospital’s base. Long story short, my “Rule 3” card was insufficient to make it happen as they had no supporting paperwork.

An out-of-hours message from my Oncology Nurse after I’d sent a text to her at 7am on a holiday (!!), said that tomorrow morning very early will do just fine. She also said not to be silly when I apologised for disturbing her day off. She rocks!

I’m hoping that the start time of 10.00 am isn’t delayed as a result, cause I’m looking forward to the primary school teacher joining us before she flies home to Sydney in the afternoon.

Let the second cycle begin. Big girl bloomers at the ready!

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