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activating endorphins

A sense of humour is in my DNA. It’s led me into trouble occasionally when it’s kicked into action at apparently inappropriate times. I reckon, though, if it goes missing in action during testing times it just makes testing times, well, testing.

I’ve been reflecting on the funny side of the last ten or so weeks since I discovered “the anomaly”. Yes, euphemisms can distract too!

When you’re contacting people with not so flash news, it’s wise to align your news-giving tone to the needs of each person. Direct has always been my chosen style and, I have to say, immediate and direct responses to match in this case were very much appreciated. So it will come as no surprise that my absolutely favourite response to my current health issue was a direct dialogue lift from the opening scenes of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

As the side effects kick in, it’s also good to know that people will find some humour in the more visible outcomes.  Take for example, one of my sisters, who happily provided an addition to my first shaven-headed mug shot.

Mug shot #1A friend, who has been there done that, informed me that losing one’s eyelashes was on the cards. My first thought was “What am I going to do if there’s a sand storm?”.

Oncology nurses have their smiles and senses of humour at the ready constantly. I can’t imagine what it might be like if you were greeted with sad, teary faces each time you had to front for an infusion.

Sure this is a serious business. So is life. Injecting a healthy dose of laughter-inducing endorphins into you, whether times are testing or otherwise, seems to me like a way through.