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letting go of expectations

It happens time and time again. Whether or not we’ve had experience with something, it seems common to set up expectations about how something’s going to go, how someone’s going to react, how much time something will take.

Despite being told that the impacts of each chemo session are cumulative and have longer impacts, I figured on this last cycle that it would be enough just to plan for a couple of extra days of dysfunction. Ipso facto, by now I should be bouncing back. You know, still easily fatigued, but noticing daily improvement.

“You should be feeling better by now.”

Not quite, but soon. Let’s just not pinpoint a date.







Five days out from my next dose of goodness, and I’m feeling pretty good. If fatigue is the only thing that needs dealing with up until Tuesday morning, then I’m happy about that.

Yesterday was a big day. Not one, but two sets of visitors, for morning and afternoon tea. I celebrated by choosing to drink real coffee, as in from the espresso machine. With a little bit of close attention, I actually detected a coffee aroma. And the caffeine kick didn’t hurt either.flowers 16 April 2014

These beautiful flowers are adding to the colour and relative warmth of autumn.  And how great is this top? Now I have the opportunity to wear my gratitude splashed across where it matters most right now. 😉


snoozes are important

sleep recover

Note to self.

Even though you may feel like you can stay up all day, do a few chores, go visiting and generally act like everything’s normal, don’t!

Sunday was such a good day. I didn’t need to lie down once! That was my mistake.  On Monday morning I woke up late with a dull head that felt almost bruised, although there were no external signs that this was the case.

Fatigue has hit hard again. I have assigned a story to this fuzzy headed lethargy. As the remnants hanging around in my hair follicles actively disengage, other well-intentioned elements are going into battle to stop it from happening, defending the indefensible.

Imagining such a scenario is far more interesting than accepting that I overstepped the mark by thinking I could get away with not resting with my eyes closed a few times a day. No prizes for guessing what’s next on my list of things to do today.