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an outing and a game of chess

Wednesday night brought a late fly-in visitor to stay, and Thursday saw my first outing of this third chemo cycle. We went to the real Funky Mexican Cantina for a chimichanga and some people watching by the bay. Except for the odd day, nothing has impacted my appetite for food! In the afternoon we played chess. I was always going to lose this game, with or without a befuddled brain. The pleasure for me was that it was a defeat that took some time for my opponent to secure. chess linocut


before and after : cycle 3

In anticipation of a week or more of discombobulation, I spent Chemo Eve using the hype from the steroids to get started on a new knitting project that is now on hold waiting for the return of some levels of concentration and ability to count stitches. Rib knitWe rocked up to the hospital yesterday for an 11.00 am start only to discover there would be a wait. It was a good opportunity to grab a coffee before the body kicked into its caffeine rejection phase.

When I opened up Facebook in the cafe, its check-in function accidentally kicked in, incorrectly locating us 2 kilometres or so away from the hospital at a local Mexican restaurant. And so the wait time flew by in a stream of comments about cervesas, tequila and margaritas to the sound of mariachi bands and the colour of pinatas.

Checking inI emerged into this morning with the joy of puffy eyes. Tres attractive! So much so, that I’ll let you imagine how much. It’s always good to have something new happen each time around. Keeps you on your toes.

In another hour, it’s time for the Neulasta injection. Three down and one to go.  Yay!