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what’s that flapping sound?

Painted in Waterlogue

As I drove into the hospital precinct last night, I could hear a flapping sound. The stretch up the hill and around the corner landed me directly opposite the Radiation Oncology building which was as far as I was prepared to drive with a flat tyre. The car park was several wheel rotations too far to be safe. I pulled up near the short term passenger pick up area and stopped in a no stopping zone.

In the minutes I had to spare before my zap session, I made a phone call home and wrote a note for the windscreen to ensure at least that the car wasn’t towed in my absence. I may have been flapping a little myself as I walked into the building for the first of four targeted booster hits.

By the time I emerged, the roadside assistance had been arranged. I had an estimated 40 minute wait ahead of me.

At the moment, I’m not very steady on my feet if I stand unsupported for too long. So I sat myself on the utility box on the footpath and watched people on their way to visit newborn babies. I listened in on snippets of phone conversations as visitors on their way home reported fractures and post-surgery conditions to friends and loved ones.

I had conversations with the two parking inspectors who eyed off my car as an income generator until I skilfully played two cards – cancer patient AND a flat tyre. I watched other infringers without cards of any sort take their medicine as they returned to their vehicles.

The roadside assistance man reminisced as he worked on the tyre. Fourteen years ago when he first arrived in Australia he worked as a cleaner in the hospital so he could learn English on the job.

I am so grateful that I was right where I needed to be when the tyre expired and grateful for people who do their jobs well and with compassion. Not least I’m grateful that my right hand man at the end of the telephone at home managed the rescue logistics to ensure that my flapping response was short-lived.





lost in a week of fog

Cottage garden Bothwell - solarize - FX Photo Studio PRO

Does this image seem a bit surreal to you?

It represents where I’ve been for the past four days. And it’s such a relief to emerge this morning with something akin to regular brain and body function. It’s all relative, right?

I’m learning nothing is predictable. Just because something went one way in one cycle, doesn’t mean it will happen the same way the next. It’s not just the intensity and length of the experience. New effects emerge and previous ones don’t occur.  Others come with greater impact including my new ‘not best friend’, heartburn.

Even though I’m right in the middle of the low immune period and accumulated toxins are taking longer to expel themselves, I’m happy that the heartburn has left the building. Things can only get better this cycle and you know, if I put on my rose-coloured glasses, it’s only another three weeks or so until I’m through the worst of the next cycle which just happens to be the last one.