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Stilt dropping in

Discombobulated may be the wrong word. Perhaps unsettledness is more what it is. It’s hard to describe or rationalise when it’s occurring in the midst of improving fitness, a new discipline around food and exercise that’s holding and some great travel destinations and catch ups in my near future.

Perhaps I’m being too hard on myself and going too early into ‘what next’ thinking.

I was alerted to the possibility of feeling some levels of ‘funk’ after the major treatment phase was over. This is nothing serious in the scheme of things. It’s just that not knowing where I want to land when I drop back in to ‘normal’ is niggling me.

Common sense says that when energy and cognitive function levels recover, all will be well. I’ll keep going with the flow until. In the meantime, I’m back on the camera again. That feeds my spirit which I suppose is a good start.




walking my way into a new normal

eucalypt flowers - posterizedAt this time of year, the eucalypt trees are in flower. The lorikeets are voicing their joy loud and long. The laziest of forensic walkers can’t fail to notice evidence of their blossom grazing on the ground.

This week, a month out from the last radiation zap and two weeks into taking the tablets, I’m still keeping up my self-imposed daily walks. I have wet feet and photographic evidence to prove that rain isn’t going to stop me.

The lorikeets are enjoying their feasting despite the rain and, with each walk, I’m contemplating what my ‘new normal’ will look and feel like.

rain in the park - 22 Aug 2014 - Amsterdam FX T:S

Oyster Point rain - 22 Aug 2014 - T:S