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growth cycles

It’s been eleven weeks (give or take a day or so) since we selected seedlings to plant out in the extended vegetable garden. The nursery visit was a distraction from the commencement of chemo that April Fool’s Day afternoon.

When we planted them, it seemed such a long way away until any harvest. Who knew that broccoli heads would evoke such excitement?Painted in Waterlogue



drying roses - Grunge 17It’s early on Saturday morning and already the world feels a better place than it did yesterday. For one, I’ve logged on to the computer, brain cells armed with the goodness of a lady finger banana. It’s a cooler, less humid day than yesterday. Hydration rules!

I felt like these flowers yesterday, hanging, but not so loosely; keeping front of mind the realisation that to pay attention to what my body asks for is the best option.

That meant flow. More sleeping than waking. Knocking some back pain out of the park. A bit slower than it’s been thus far, making late notes about what is, what was, what will be.

My attention span was missing in action. Yesterday’s DA cryptic crossword waits in a pile of unsolved puzzles until the edge on my brain returns.

The appetite is hanging in there albeit in smaller quantities. Lunch was a piece of crumpet with peanut butter. Beef stew and ice-cream for dinner. Water has trumped wine and coffee as the beverage of choice – the detox you have when you’re not having a detox. 🙂

Yesterday was a 24 hour lesson about lights at the end of tunnels, a microcosm of what may be down the track. I can only hope that this student remembers this as, when and if the tunnel gets longer.