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Yesterday saw the first of two visits to the radiation oncologist before the last chemo cycle begins next week.

Having sworn in the past that I’d never get a tattoo, there will be a join the dots game ready to play with soon so that the radiologist can hit the required target.

The good news for this phase of the treatment is two-fold.  Radiation will start sooner than I thought AND it will be every week day for four weeks, not five as I was originally advised.  That means I’ll be done with both the chemo and the radiation in just two months.

After that it will mostly be a matter of “keep taking those tablets!”

sunflower 1 - yellow




on the upside of cycle 1

Easter and the days leading up to it coincided with the end of the first chemotherapy cycle and thus, with some semblance of feeling normal.

I can tell this because coffee. And because wine! And because lunch out in a public place with a hat made from a travel buff – a tube of fabric used when traveling, particularly in hot and dusty parts of the world.  By turning it inside out and giving it a few twists in the middle, it takes a fold over to become a perfectly functional cover.

Apart from the fact that a few heads turned, then turned away as I walked into the cafe, it was a successful first outing, so to speak.

The rounds of visitors continued on Good Friday with guests bearing prawns and flowers. The sunflower in that bouquet is spectacular. On Saturday we had a family gathering at our house to greet a visitor from Sydney – a certain newly appointed primary school teacher. We ate pasties and portuguese tarts and hot cross buns and tiny eggs.

The teacher’s grandmother stayed for a sleepover too so we could go to see the delightfully human film The Grand Budapest Hotel on Sunday. Then we had lunch at an Italian restaurant with arancini balls, zucchini flowers stuffed with goats cheese, eggplant parmigiana and calamari. And a glass of a dry Italian wine called Soave. A few very good days all lined up together.

On the hair front, the last bits are taking their time to dislodge. For the first few times after the clippers did their thing, I neglected to remember that the quantity of shampoo needed to wash a thick head of hair is much larger than the skerrick actually required. Just saying.

sunflower 1 - yellow