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the side effects side show

Peripheral neuropathy can be one of the side effects of chemotherapy. I learned recently that just because the chemo is behind you it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve dodged all the bullets.

For the past two or three weeks, I’ve had little or no sensation in the tips of my fingers and thumbs. So far the impacts of this have been limited to a reduced ability to turn book pages and the odd late and loud response to hot surfaces while cooking. I’ve put this gem on the list called “Let’s hope it goes away one day”.

Meanwhile the daily zap impacts have begun to accumulate with mild to medium sunburn like sensations and sensitivities. Once more in the round of treatment, this product has become my friend. After this afternoon’s zap, it’s 15 down and 5 to go.

Vit E cream - Alien Skin effect FX Photo Studio Pro


let’s not be rash

I was asleep before ten last night and put together a good seven hours straight before a short wake-up call for de-and-re-hydration and attention to an itchy neck.

Yes. Today’s gift is a red neck proudly brought to me by hives.

I feel so fickle with my friendships at the moment. Transitory relationships that only exist for one purpose – my personal comfort.

This is my new best friend.Vit E cream - Alien Skin effect FX Photo Studio Pro