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hair today

head of hair - Mosaic 24 March 2014This is a mosaic aerial selfie of my head of hair. Not a real representation, I grant you, and here comes the shocking truth, neither is the colour.  Oh. You knew that?

Under normal circumstances, I would be due for a hair cut (and colour) about now. It’s a thick head of hair on a big head. Come time for a cut, the waves get past a point where they refuse all pleas and considerable force to take direction.  Every visit to the hairdresser and her magic thinning scissors is accompanied by a happy dance into the salon in anticipation of lightening the load.

A few years ago, I gave considerable thought to shaving my head.  It felt like it would be a bold statement (of what I’m not sure), more risky than stepping out occasionally in brightly coloured socks. Unsurprisingly, the thought came to nought.

In a few weeks’ time, my hair will throw in the towel. There’s a pun there waiting to find better form, but I’ll move on.  Some time before that happens, the ‘careful what you wish for‘ bare head will happen.

When it does, I will remember the words of Mary Anne Radmacher who cut off her own hair during a presentation she made last October in Georgia.

“It grows back”.

Resilience includes recognising the gifts you receive along the way, even though you don’t know they’re gifts yet.



deliberate resilience – a new blog

For the past five years, I’ve been blogging in some way, shape or form. It’s become an automatic response for me to collect and record, to muse and create, to write and reflect, then muster the courage to put it all out there.

You’d think with these babies on the go (SentioNow and Then, Monoculus and The Adventures of Trig the Triceratops), I’d have enough nets to capture a relatively broad cross-section of interests.

Until now. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 4 March, four short weeks ago. A random and fortunate self-discovery. Found early (enough). Already, there’s a treatment plan in place (chemotherapy, radiation, and tablets) to knock it, and presumably me for a short duration, for six. I considered incorporating what will be the content of this blog into Sentio.  But this writing will serve a different and specific purpose.

It’s about taking a deliberate approach to building and sustaining resilience. I had few options available to me on the medical treatment plan. I have much more choice over my personal approach to what falls out of that treatment. It won’t all be smooth sailing, yet I know that if I approach it as though it’s going to be six months of hell, no useful purpose will be served.

So, whether you’re in the same specific boat as me or not, let’s see how a deliberate resilience approach will work. There is no plan. Just an intuitive feeling that I need to hang on to what sustains me  under ‘normal’ circumstances, open myself up to what’s ahead and write about it.